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Why Reserve Studies by RF?

We specialize in reserve studies using the “Baseline Pooling” method of funding or the “Full Funding and meet or exceed the Association of Independent Certified Public Accountant (AICPA-CIRA) standards, Association of Professional Reserve Analyst standards (APRA) and the Community Association Institute (CAI) standards. Our ultimate goal is to avoid special assessments if at all possible.


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Homeowner associations can compel homeowners to pay a share of common expenses, usually per-unit or based on square footage. These expenses generally arise from common property, which varies dramatically depending on the type of association. Some associations are, quite literally, towns, complete with private roads, services, utilities, amenities, community buildings, pools, and even schools. Many condominium associations consider the roofs and exteriors of the structures as the responsibility of the association. Other associations have no common property, but may charge 180% services or other matters.


Homeowner associations provide people with shared values an opportunity to enforce regulations, consistent with overriding statutory constraints, to achieve a community representative of such values. In doing so, it inherently restricts the freedoms that would otherwise exist for its members based on municipal codes. For instance, a degree of conformity is often required in exterior appearance of single family homes and there are often time limits and/or restrictions on activities generating noise.